Is now also offering phone unlocking.

This covers everything from ANDROID, WINDOWS, and APPLE just to name a few, Some BlackBerry devices are free as well.

So how does this work?

Right now everything is being done via email, It keeps it personal and you deal with a real person NOT A FORM on a site.

Simply send an email with your IMEI and model number of the device you want unlocked to TKTECHUNLOCKS@GMAIL.COM

Coming soon we will have the page live here (AND STILL HAVE PERSONAL SUPPORT)

Currently we accept PayPal and Google Wallet and soon will accept Square.






10 thoughts on “UNLOCK Phones”

  1. I have the moto x 2nd gen/2014/XT1096 on verizon. Can it be unlocked? I fear that it can’t, but if by some miracle you can help me get it unlocked I will be eternally grateful.

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