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Nokia Lumia 830 officially announced


The Nokia Lumia 830 has been announced. And to be honest its nothing to be terribly excited about. Microsoft aka Nokia has stated this is the most affordable flagship…… What I will give them credit for is the 10mp preview camera with the thinest OIS setup to date.
The display is 720, build quality is ehh, and at 5 inches it will stand next to a Lumia Icon but that’s all you should expect from it. The Icon aka 930 spanks the 830 in every aspect as it should.

The one plus for this device is expandable storage with the Icon sadly missed out on.
What are your thoughts on the Nokia Lumia 830?


New Rumors say Nokia 830 to have 10mp camera?


We released info earlier this month from sources that stated the Nokia 830 could come in three variants in the US as well as a European model.
This morning we saw a report over at pocketnow.com that say the Nokia Lumia 830 may only sport a 10mp camera. Other notes were that our info on a 720p display were confirmed. So its a mixed bag.
I do have to wonder of maybe this is just a European model and not what we will see in the states. I guess we find out in the next few days.

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Nokia 830 for Verizon? First image pops up

Nokia 830 for Verizon?: http://youtu.be/mscRlHLNlgk

The video above is of an image we received early today from a Verizon source claiming this is a 830 series Nokia device from Verizon.
4.5 inch 720p display
20.1 pure view camera
SD Card Support
And some decent specs.

The source has shipped us the device and a hands on will be coming once it arrives.

What do you think about Verizon pushing a mid tier Windows phone? Let me know in the comments below and on the YouTube video above