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Nexus Version of Droid Turbo coming soon with Snapdragon 810 leaked photos

So you know how we do this already. No renders, concepts, etc. We only like leaking actual photos or hands on videos of a device. That said we have some photos and a hands on of a unreleased Nexus Device very closely made like the droid turbo. You will notice small difference with the camera and especially the back logo.

Everything else looks the same, except the snapdragon 810 which comes on board and a unlocked boot loader. Being this is a pre release device it may have come that way.

Anyway enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for a hands on video.

image image image image


Nexus X aka Nexus 6 next to iPhone 6 Plus


In the image above and the video going up on youtube you can see the new nexus device next to an iphone 6 plus. The Nexus is clearly wider and slightly bigger than the iphone 6 plus.

Also you may notice the background is the same as other Shamu Leaks we dropped recently as well.
Anyway for the android nexus fans there you go.

More images and video on instagram total_tech_media and youtube
Instagram will be an exclusive place for select few to get leaks sometimes days in advance.

Sources say Nexus 9 launch imminent

According to sources. The nexus 9 from HTC could launch within 5 days at most a week. Google is as usual doing a quiet launch.
Sources say devices are ready to go and google is just tying up lose ends with shipping details.
Expect a tweet from S.P. at Google anytime launching the nexus 9.

We are trying to lock down the date and will update with more info.

Images of a reported Nexus X are actually the Moto S

We saw some leaked images last evening of the Moto S at 9to5google
Easily the best pics I’ve seen to date.

The images of the device shown are actually the Moto S. We talked about this device awhile back and showed the screen protector peel for it.
While the Moto S does resemble the new Moto x that is the ONLY thing that the two devices share.

Now there is also a nexus x in the works. At the same size. This Moto S was to be a android silver device. Being reports say android silver has been scrapped (I still am not ready to say that) Motorola and Google could have decided to add the Moto S to the nexus Line.

As I have said, according to sources there will be more that one device launched by Google this year.

The nexus x will have nexus branding as other previous models have had.
It may not be as big as what LG had been doing but you won’t miss it.

This device is most likely the Moto S because of this missing branding.

As we have stated Motorola has a slew of devices this year to launch before the holidays.
To this point we have yet to be wrong on any upcoming devices from Motorola. It is one of the OEM outside of samsung that we have our best sources.

The new nexus like the Moto S will be a spec powerhouse that is for sure.
Stay tuned.

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