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4 thoughts on “Leaks”

  1. Whatever happened to the moto x+1 leaks? You announce to the tech world that you are in possession of one. The. You don’t say anything new about it. You just put up a video of a phone in saran wrapped while talking about how its wrapped in saran wrap. Then you post a 720p video and say it was from the moto x+1. You are coming off as shady and untrustworthy. What’s the story?

    1. Its pretty simple. If you’ve been following us you would know TK cousin and business partner lost their daughter to SIDS, so he’s been focused on family. That’s why he’s only had screen casts lately.
      Also you would know that we are moving the office from LA to NYC.
      Lastly TK puts out leaks on his time schedule not because someone doesn’t like how we do things. I’m guessing the Nokia 1520, Xperia Z, Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy S5 active hands on leaks were all shady too.
      Be patient. The other thing is plain and simple, the device won’t launch till late august early September, he’s not going to release it all at one time that’s just not smart. But thanks for the comment.

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