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Fake vs Real Beats by Dre How to spot them

Its holiday season and many of you are going to buy different electronics for people you care about, In this series this week ill be posting several videos from new members of the staff that will show you how to spot a fake, Whether it be Beats by Dre in this video or a bogus Galaxy Note 4. Hope this helps you avoid the fakes.


Microsoft has something up their sleeve’s (one more thing)


Microsoft is set to release the first Microsoft Lumia branded device.
Sources state that Microsoft may also have a special appearance by another device as well but not an official launch. More like a teaser of what’s to come. 3 out of the 4 sources that sent us the info said it will have something to do with a Lumia 1020 replacement.
We are contacting other sources to try to confirm this as well. Don’t be shocked if Microsoft drops a few bombshells at this event. And if they do. We told you so.

HTC One M8 Max launch before Christmas?

According to sources a device that could be construed as the HTC One M8 max could be announced before Christmas.
This comes from reliable sources that have given us solid HTC material in the past.

Specs include a Snapdragon 805  5.5 inch display and according to sources could be HTC first QHD display on a handheld.

Sources say the project was pushed back with an HTC Wearable but that both could be launched this year.

Stay tuned as this is developing.
We will be posting renders from the supposed device shortly.

New Microsoft wearable to be called my band?

In photos leaked earlier, our earlier report of a Microsoft wearable is now confirmed. We are still trying to confirm Cortana functionality. According to sources Cortana will appear on the wearable and work with android.
Could Microsoft have the first multiple platform compatible wearable?

If this is the case look to see Microsoft to sell lots of the My Band wearable.


HTC One Wear, this render looks very close…

Awhile back we were in Taiwan and got to see some cool things R and D people at HTC were working on.
One was a watch called the HTC One Wear.
Here is a render of a device that looks strikingly similar. But take note… The device we saw did NOT speakers on the front. But that would be ridiculously cool in my opinion.
Image is below. What are your thoughts?