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Fake vs Real Beats by Dre How to spot them

Its holiday season and many of you are going to buy different electronics for people you care about, In this series this week ill be posting several videos from new members of the staff that will show you how to spot a fake, Whether it be Beats by Dre in this video or a bogus Galaxy Note 4. Hope this helps you avoid the fakes.


I’m boycotting Google Play, Why you ask? Principle

Well the why is very simple. Two reasons. One is on principle. Google has been a treasure trove of leaks lately. As I think people who have a conscious at the company really want to do the right thing.
Right about that…. We were given some internal memos that were not redacted or edited in anyway. (Clearly they were not made for the public) in one of these memos, two very high officials inside of Google talk about customers personal data being “lost” (their words not mine).

#1 question
“Is it a breach or a loss of data”

#2 answer
“I was told a little of both”

I say internal memos but they could be printed emails. Needless to say we have been able to verify about 65% of what we were given so far.
I’ve asked for an official response from Google only to get contacted by their counsel (must have hit a nerve) needless to say this goes way beyond just Google play and mobile etc, so I have started the process to get the info to the largest voice I can on things like this. Wiki leaks.

So what’s the real reason for my boycott?
Well as stated the loss of customer data and not notifying customers is a big deal for me. In my opinion not warning customers that you lost (or potentially lost) their personal info and payment info in some cases should be criminal.

And the second reason is the following.
Google was so happy to get developers for apps for Google play aka the android market back in the day. But now that they sit atop the mobile Eco system they have been treating developers like shit. And last evening terminated 2 game studios accounts and 17 developers, some very well known on xda and the modding community.
Google claims these mods apps and even just plain news apps violate there non compete clause… Lmao really?
So as Google begins the process of literally bitting the hands that feed them, I will not support this type of behavior from a company. So effective immediately I’ve pulled all 117 apps in three accounts and 6 mobile games (including TK tech news) from the Google play store in protest. Further I’ll be bringing my apps to Amazon (all of them) over the next week.

Will this hurt me as a brand or developer? Maybe in the short term, but you have to do what you think is right in this world, and I’m doing just that.

I haven’t published the developers who were targeted or affected by this move by Google at their request.
I will link to the wiki leaks article once live with all the Google info we disclosed. Mainly this deals with them not telling customers they lost their info, and the fact that Google may have intentionally put back doors for you to be spied on in android 4.4.4 kitkat.

Well I’ve said my piece here and I’ve explained why you can’t find my apps in Google play further.

People are asking why the devs don’t want to be named. Well it’s simple some think they can still work it out with Google to get reinstated. I’m sure once they see that won’t happen they will take to Twitter in droves.

This should be fun to watch.


Moto G 2014 vs iPhone 6 Plus camera comparison (winner will surprise)

In this comparison and I can’t even believe I compared the two, we show you the video camera on both the iPhone 6 Plus and the Moto G 2014 side by side.
I won’t even bias your choice. Tell me which one you think is better in the comments either in the videos or in this post.
To be honest I couldn’t believe who the winner was.


Moto G 2014 video

iPhone 6 plus video

Which one wins?

Is the bendgate controversy finally over?

Looks like apple will finally have to come clean on bendgate and acknowledge there is an issue in the design of the iPhone 6 plus.

Full disclosure I am currently using the model and haven’t had any issues with bending.

But that said between the two videos by unbox therapy this over the last week and now this video shot in an Apple Store it will be hard for them to deny the issue.

What are your thoughts? Is this blown out of proportion or is this a genuine issue that apple should address?

On another note Samsung seems to be having there own manufacturing issues with the note 4 and a gap in the design. More on that later today.

Here is the new bendgate video below

Latest iPhone 6 plus bend test with no edits puts FAKE discussion to rest

Seeing the new video from unbox therapy today I have to say, there is no doubt in my mind that this is a real issue that apple will need to address. For the company to state they have only had 10 devices come back bent is like One Plus claiming they didn’t have yellow banded displays.

See the video below for yourself and let me know what you think.