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iPhone craziness, cult or just a good time?

In this video I posted below you can see what I saw as the doors opened at the Apple Store.
I have seen excitement for the phone in the past but I’ve never seen this. Is this an isolated incident, or is this a thing. What I mean to ask is, is this a cult type of atmosphere? You don’t ever see anything like this for a Samsung launch. What is it that drives people into this type of hysteria for a phone? Id love to hear your thoughts.



Watch “Sprint drops bombs on iPhone world” on YouTube

Sprint drops bombs on iPhone world:

What sucks about Leaking…….Getting it wrong

So we now know what to expect from Moto X 2014 and the Moto G 2014, Earlier this week we were provided images, Damn good ones at that. (See below) Displaying the Moto X with its display on. While we got a lot of things right about the Moto X we got a major thing WRONG on the Moto X.

That whole back button thing…… Yeah that was totally wrong.
Why do I bring it up, Well while I have fun at what I do and really do enjoy it, There is a serious side to this business and to be take seriously in business as with life you have to OWN your mistakes.

Yeah we went on info from the same source that provided these images below, But will I pass it off on oh its bad info from the source…. Nope, This is solely on me.

Could I have ran just the images and not mentioned the button? Yes I could but I put more credibility in the source for the images, Am I wrong for that, YUP, 100%.

Do I get things right, Yes I do. But I also need to be upfront and OWN the ones I do not get right like this Moto X.

Still I thank the source for the Images as it was a great leak in my opinion, But I OWN the mistake of the back button.

Still keeping it 100%  And looking forward to more great leaks in the future.


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TK Tech News is launching a dedicated INDIA Device page

TK Tech News is growing, with the launch of our New York office we are looking to expand to our biggest market, India. Here in the US publications sometimes miss out on important news that should be covered in one of the largest mobile markets on the planet.

So we are looking to change that, We are adding a Bureau office in India before February 2015, We are also looking to bring on staff in India that are well versed in the smart phone and tablet world.

We want to cover everything mobile and India just happens to be one of the places sorely undercovered here from the United States. If you have what you think it takes to be part of the TK TECH NEWS team in India. We are looking for a writer, manager of leaks, video content manager, and video content creation.

Send us an email with why you want to join the team to


@evleaks fund is live (Medical support fund for Evan)

Thanks to Evan ‘@Evleaks’ Blass tech fans have gotten an early look at some high-profile smartphones and tablets, usually months before they’re officially announced.
Now, after two years of tweets, the tech journalist turned full-time leak artist has announced he’s giving it up.

Evan Blass, who earned a reputation for putting out legit leaks, says he’s quitting because leaking photos and spec sheets on Twitter had proved near impossible to monetise.
He told The Next Web he had tried sponsored tweets, accepted donations and pushing folks towards his website, but found users had little incentive to visit after seeing his pics on Twitter and across the web.

So, as a result, Evleaks, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a decade ago, is Retiring.
I call on all in this Tech Community who have used images from @EVLEAKS and or used his content for the last to years to build your tech sites and give us all something to write about to get the word out.
This indiegogo campaign will help Evan get the proper medical care and treatment he needs to return to the best health possible and possibly one day make a return to this tech community.

You can help by sharing the campaign, Donating to the campaign, or just getting the word out.
Thank you.


TK O’Connor
aka T.K.