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Watch “Sprint drops bombs on iPhone world” on YouTube

Sprint drops bombs on iPhone world:


TK Tech News app update and New Wallpapers!

So if you didn’t know, We have our official app live in Google Play and Version 2 has, Instagram, and a new exclusive leaks tab, This is where we ill be publishing leaks first from now on through the app, If you want to see it first go get it, Link will be below.

Also we have acquired another app company that has allowed us to bring the latest wallpapers to you in app!

Today with the latest update you can get all the NEW Moto X wallpapers, Note 4 and Note 4 edge wallpapers, LG G3, HTC M8 and a few more. This is also the same wallpaper app that will allow us to give you access to leaked wallpapers from unreleased devices as well.



Let us know what you think and what we should add in version 3 coming in October.

TK Tech News is launching a dedicated INDIA Device page

TK Tech News is growing, with the launch of our New York office we are looking to expand to our biggest market, India. Here in the US publications sometimes miss out on important news that should be covered in one of the largest mobile markets on the planet.

So we are looking to change that, We are adding a Bureau office in India before February 2015, We are also looking to bring on staff in India that are well versed in the smart phone and tablet world.

We want to cover everything mobile and India just happens to be one of the places sorely undercovered here from the United States. If you have what you think it takes to be part of the TK TECH NEWS team in India. We are looking for a writer, manager of leaks, video content manager, and video content creation.

Send us an email with why you want to join the team to


Anyone want a phone that doubles as an explosive? Oneplus invite

So you guys and gals know how I feel about the company one plus. Great idea. Crap execution of that idea.
And now with a device literally catching fire in someone’s pocket. I have to caution you before you buy this phone.

This could literally light you up …….

Now that said one of our awesome readers @Rockwell7 on Twitter dropped this invite to us to give away to you.

It’s first come first served whoever claims it gets it.
Again I will caution you on buying this phone. It can either be really great or a piece of **** literally
So knowing this upfront. Good luck.


OnePlus One explodes in customers pocket and burns him, OUCH

Ok so far we have bad displays (Yellow BAND ISSUE)

We have missing buttons

Missing headphone jacks

A phone that had someone elses sim in it (USED)

And now we have one that literally caught on fire in someones pocket, WOW.

I wont even get into the invite system, The slight of women with a stupid contest etc, Ill leave those be.

But this is really not a good thing for OnePlus and will most likely get them sued as a company.

Now I am not picking on the phone, We have seen samsung and apple phones do the same thing. But this is just another bad thing to hit the company today. OUCH.

Here are the pics below.

oneplus1 OnePlus2 Oneplus3 OnePlus4 OnePlus5 OnePlus6 OnePlus7 OnePlus8 OnePlus9

OnePlus Ladies First? That’s Bullshit

OnePlus Ladies First? That’s Bullshit!:

In the episode of Thats Bullshit listed above we talk about how OnePlus has yet again stepped in a big pile. And how this may affect oppo.

We also send a actual teabag OnePlus way.

Let me know what you think in the comments.
In my opinion the entire executive, marketing, and support staff should be fired.
Women should share this and get the word out on this Bullshit.