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New Rumors say Nokia 830 to have 10mp camera?


We released info earlier this month from sources that stated the Nokia 830 could come in three variants in the US as well as a European model.
This morning we saw a report over at that say the Nokia Lumia 830 may only sport a 10mp camera. Other notes were that our info on a 720p display were confirmed. So its a mixed bag.
I do have to wonder of maybe this is just a European model and not what we will see in the states. I guess we find out in the next few days.

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Windows Phone to Support Amazon App Store?

So its morning here in Korea my last day before heading to China, And oh boy do I have some news TODAY!

Lets start with Windows Phone. So we were to get info about Windows 9 that we spoke about in a Previous Post.

We saw several mentions of Amazon and apps, And App store support. Could this mean Windows Phone will go the way of BlackBerry and support Android Apps via the Amazon App store?

This is not new, There were rumors months back about the Windows Phone considering Android App support.

What do you think about this latest bit of info? Will microsoft officially support the Amazon App store? Let me know in the comments.