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Nexus Version of Droid Turbo coming soon with Snapdragon 810 leaked photos

So you know how we do this already. No renders, concepts, etc. We only like leaking actual photos or hands on videos of a device. That said we have some photos and a hands on of a unreleased Nexus Device very closely made like the droid turbo. You will notice small difference with the camera and especially the back logo.

Everything else looks the same, except the snapdragon 810 which comes on board and a unlocked boot loader. Being this is a pre release device it may have come that way.

Anyway enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for a hands on video.

image image image image


All BestBuy black Friday deals leaked

Courtesy of one of our awesome sources here is the list of deals you can expect from best buy on black friday.

You’re welcome


Nexus X aka Nexus 6 next to iPhone 6 Plus


In the image above and the video going up on youtube you can see the new nexus device next to an iphone 6 plus. The Nexus is clearly wider and slightly bigger than the iphone 6 plus.

Also you may notice the background is the same as other Shamu Leaks we dropped recently as well.
Anyway for the android nexus fans there you go.

More images and video on instagram total_tech_media and youtube
Instagram will be an exclusive place for select few to get leaks sometimes days in advance.

Nexus X or Nexus 6? Moto G and HTC Desire GPE

According to sources. Google to this point in time hasn’t obtained Permission or a license to use the Nexus 6 name. And they could negotiate right up till launch. So much so that the retail packaging will have now mention of nexus x or nexus 6 just nexus. This is nothing new we’ve seen this before.
But it looks like Google may have to fall back to the Nexus X name if the nexus 6 licensing cannot go through. Stay tuned as this story is developing. Images are also inbound.

And it looks like more than a nexus phone could be launched by Google, the nexus 9 could also be released as well as two other unnamed handsets, one source says they are low end models and Google play editions of the Moto G 2014 and a HTC Desire with stock android. This would feed the rumors of HTC Nexus Rumors. We will see this coming week.

Stay tuned will update as info is confirmed.

Droid Turbo PDF Leaks more nexus rumors

In the images below we show pages from the PDF on the droid turbo.
What’s interesting is rumors of on again of again smaller nexus 6 aka nexus x.







See the whole PDF over at pocketnow

As for the nexus Rumors. And I call them rumors because I have nothing to conform this with.
A GSM version is coming to ATT but a unbranded model aka a nexus could also be based of the turbo.

Stay tuned. This source promises docs and images to substantiate the rumor. We’ll see.

HTC One Max 2014 confirmed

Looks like another leak gets confirmed. A few months back we showed you an image that showed a bigger HTC One M8. Well this now looks to be confirmed.

The HTC One Max 2014 will ship with the following specs according to sources

5.3 inch 1080p HD Display Super LCD 3 panel.
Snapdragon 805 clocked at 2.7
32gb with micro sd card support
(64gb option later)
The U.S. Version will have 3GB of ram according to sources and the Europe/Asia models will only come with 2GB of ram.
13mp duo camera on the back (OIS is not confirmed but rumored)

Stay tuned as we should have press renders tomorrow.

Also on the HTC News front, HTC confirms the HTC One Wear (not by name) by stating they have delayed the project because no one has got it right “yet”….

Stay tuned


Moto device with Droid Turbo specs is ATT variant

Today Engadget published a story on what they believe is a Nexus 6.
The device mentioned is exactly like the droid turbo. Well sorry to be the bearer of bad news for nexus fans. But that device is nothing more than a Droid Turbo aka Motorola Atrix 2014 for AT&T.

I’ll update this post with the relevant information on this Att info as soon as I can verify what I’ve been given.

As much as I too want it to be a nexus it’s not. All the relevant info I had on a smaller nexus has been scraped according to my sources at motorola.