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Samsung Galaxy S5 Active IP68 Rating? Waterproof not Water resistant?

So the question has been asked, Why build a Galaxy S5 Active?  With its sibling the Galaxy S5 already having a IP67 rating against dust and water.

Well it looks like we have an answer to that question.  After my flight back from Chicago I decided to take a dip in the pool, All 8 Feet of it. I knew there was a risk of breaking the device, But water damage if handled right away can be repaired. So I went for it.

Well After over an hour and a half at 7.8 Feet (8 Feet) the phone survived, When peeling the back off no water was able to pass through the seal. To say I was surprised was an understatement.

So now I have my answer, There is a reason Samsung Built this phone, While during the S5 release they kept saying WATER RESISTANT. I have a feeling they will say this one is waterproof.

(Update) After speaking with our source at samsung the device will be rated and debut with a IP68 Rating.

Active 2

Stay tuned for our video on the water test and a head to head with the S5 and other devices coming very soon.




Leaked images show us the HTC One M8 Ace

Today these images were posted that very closely resemble those leaked by @evleaks just a couple months ago.

the leaks don’t tell us more about  this phone outside of the images. There has been talk that this could be the plastic variant of the HTC One M8 that was previously rumored, but its hard to say at this point stay tuned


Galaxy S5 Exclusive Features

Yesterday we showed you the Active Key on the new Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, We talked about the features and the Activity Zone App.

Samsung has brought this app most likely for the outdoors type.

Using the device today I have to say it (IN MY OPINION) is a big upgrade over the Galaxy S5.

While some may not be a fan of its looks, the fact that it is thinner and feels better in the hand is just amazing. That with the well placed active key that you can set for any app makes this a must have, NOT JUST FOR ACTIVE TYPES, But for those that just want the best experience on a samsung phone to date.

My sources have told me this device will Launch on AT&T and Sprint in June and T-Mobile in July with the following model numbers.

SM-G870A, (AT&T) SM-G870P, (SPRINT) SM-G870T, (T-Mobile) and lastly this is strange by SM-G871 (AT&T) Which I am told will be an Active Mini.

With its aluminum side rails, Hard rubber on the top and bottom of the phone, It is built to take some abuse.

It feels natural to completely use this phone without a case, And have no worries about it. Landing in LA today at LAX I dropped the phone at the cab stand….. Yup it survived and here is the cool part…. Not a mark, Now I dont know if the rubber on this phone has the same material on the LG Flex, But the small mark the concrete left did disappear to my surprise only an hour later when I got home.

Overall I’ve been tough on Samsung, But this phone is a definite winner in my opinion, And if  you have an existing S5 with whats coming in the next month, (You should be mad) I know I would be.

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