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Could Apple make a bold move with iOS 9?

So if you have a jailbroken iPhone you can load the theme we will feature below.
So we have a question, do you think Apple would ever be so bold as to redesign the OS this way? Let us know below



New Microsoft wearable to be called my band?

In photos leaked earlier, our earlier report of a Microsoft wearable is now confirmed. We are still trying to confirm Cortana functionality. According to sources Cortana will appear on the wearable and work with android.
Could Microsoft have the first multiple platform compatible wearable?

If this is the case look to see Microsoft to sell lots of the My Band wearable.


Nexus X or Nexus 6? Moto G and HTC Desire GPE

According to sources. Google to this point in time hasn’t obtained Permission or a license to use the Nexus 6 name. And they could negotiate right up till launch. So much so that the retail packaging will have now mention of nexus x or nexus 6 just nexus. This is nothing new we’ve seen this before.
But it looks like Google may have to fall back to the Nexus X name if the nexus 6 licensing cannot go through. Stay tuned as this story is developing. Images are also inbound.

And it looks like more than a nexus phone could be launched by Google, the nexus 9 could also be released as well as two other unnamed handsets, one source says they are low end models and Google play editions of the Moto G 2014 and a HTC Desire with stock android. This would feed the rumors of HTC Nexus Rumors. We will see this coming week.

Stay tuned will update as info is confirmed.

I’m boycotting Google Play, Why you ask? Principle

Well the why is very simple. Two reasons. One is on principle. Google has been a treasure trove of leaks lately. As I think people who have a conscious at the company really want to do the right thing.
Right about that…. We were given some internal memos that were not redacted or edited in anyway. (Clearly they were not made for the public) in one of these memos, two very high officials inside of Google talk about customers personal data being “lost” (their words not mine).

#1 question
“Is it a breach or a loss of data”

#2 answer
“I was told a little of both”

I say internal memos but they could be printed emails. Needless to say we have been able to verify about 65% of what we were given so far.
I’ve asked for an official response from Google only to get contacted by their counsel (must have hit a nerve) needless to say this goes way beyond just Google play and mobile etc, so I have started the process to get the info to the largest voice I can on things like this. Wiki leaks.

So what’s the real reason for my boycott?
Well as stated the loss of customer data and not notifying customers is a big deal for me. In my opinion not warning customers that you lost (or potentially lost) their personal info and payment info in some cases should be criminal.

And the second reason is the following.
Google was so happy to get developers for apps for Google play aka the android market back in the day. But now that they sit atop the mobile Eco system they have been treating developers like shit. And last evening terminated 2 game studios accounts and 17 developers, some very well known on xda and the modding community.
Google claims these mods apps and even just plain news apps violate there non compete clause… Lmao really?
So as Google begins the process of literally bitting the hands that feed them, I will not support this type of behavior from a company. So effective immediately I’ve pulled all 117 apps in three accounts and 6 mobile games (including TK tech news) from the Google play store in protest. Further I’ll be bringing my apps to Amazon (all of them) over the next week.

Will this hurt me as a brand or developer? Maybe in the short term, but you have to do what you think is right in this world, and I’m doing just that.

I haven’t published the developers who were targeted or affected by this move by Google at their request.
I will link to the wiki leaks article once live with all the Google info we disclosed. Mainly this deals with them not telling customers they lost their info, and the fact that Google may have intentionally put back doors for you to be spied on in android 4.4.4 kitkat.

Well I’ve said my piece here and I’ve explained why you can’t find my apps in Google play further.

People are asking why the devs don’t want to be named. Well it’s simple some think they can still work it out with Google to get reinstated. I’m sure once they see that won’t happen they will take to Twitter in droves.

This should be fun to watch.


iPhone 6 plus slightly loses some performance after 2 weeks

Here are two benchmarks done on two different iPhone 6 plus devices. Both have shown a drop off in performance after only two weeks of use. Is it significant? No it isn’t but that said it is worthy to note.

Have you see the same drop in performance in benchmarks? Let me know in the comments and on Twitter @tktechnews



TK Tech News app update and New Wallpapers!

So if you didn’t know, We have our official app live in Google Play and Version 2 has, Instagram, and a new exclusive leaks tab, This is where we ill be publishing leaks first from now on through the app, If you want to see it first go get it, Link will be below.

Also we have acquired another app company that has allowed us to bring the latest wallpapers to you in app!

Today with the latest update you can get all the NEW Moto X wallpapers, Note 4 and Note 4 edge wallpapers, LG G3, HTC M8 and a few more. This is also the same wallpaper app that will allow us to give you access to leaked wallpapers from unreleased devices as well.



Let us know what you think and what we should add in version 3 coming in October.