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Fake vs Real Beats by Dre How to spot them

Its holiday season and many of you are going to buy different electronics for people you care about, In this series this week ill be posting several videos from new members of the staff that will show you how to spot a fake, Whether it be Beats by Dre in this video or a bogus Galaxy Note 4. Hope this helps you avoid the fakes.


All BestBuy black Friday deals leaked

Courtesy of one of our awesome sources here is the list of deals you can expect from best buy on black friday.

You’re welcome


Are Zagg Glass screen protectors defective on the iPhone 6 Plus?

In the video below you will find my first zagg glass screen protector experience. Needless to say I recommended that you stay away or not waste your money on it at this time. Well my replacement came in and in less than 5 hours, yup same place same crack has again appeared.

At this point it has to be a quality control issue with the glass from zagg. I’ve reached out to the company for an official comment.

Are you using Zagg Glass? Let me know if you have had this issue in the video comments.