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  1. HI! I am not sure if this is the right forum for my question. I really enjoy your YouTube videos for the Nokia Lumia smartphones. I need some assistance with APN settings for a Nokia Icon with ATT SIM card. The device is working with H+ service, but with speeds of 1.5-2 Mbps. After watching your video regarding the Icon and T-Mobile, I was wondering if there are any special settings for the Icon and ATT. Thank you!

  2. Great to see someone calling out OnePlus one on the BS they selling. I saw a post on their forum with the title ” OnePlus one you need to watch this.” The video of you calling it BS. PLS keep them honest.

    1. Also, consider that my math only considers the posts that were deleted OLDER than my post. Everything newer is added up to those numbers, so you might double that.


  3. Whatup TK. Just wanted to tell you, that the post above, as well as almost all of mine got deleted in the forums. Had like over 80 posts, and way more likes, but apparently OP didn’t like it too much.


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