Sharp Aquos Unboxing and hands on

Sharp Aquos Unboxing and hands on:


One thought on “Sharp Aquos Unboxing and hands on”

  1. TK! Since you’re on Sprint, I’ve got the perfect article for you. Including the Aquos, perform actual cell reception tests by phone model. Start with the Sprint flagships. Google it; NOBODY writes about actual cell reception. My Sprint Moto X had far better reception than my G2. For that matter, so did my GS3. Help us! Help you! You’d have the only article(s) measuring something everyone wants to know. And likely, it’s the people on Sprint always wondering…is it the network?…or is it my phone?…when it comes to terrible coverage. Especially indoor tests! I was recently in a building that had full ‘bright orange’ coverage surrounding it. Inside, I get 15kbps and dropped calls. This is the perfect site for these tests/articles. As always, thanks for the site and thorough work!

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