HTC One Max 2014 confirmed

Looks like another leak gets confirmed. A few months back we showed you an image that showed a bigger HTC One M8. Well this now looks to be confirmed.

The HTC One Max 2014 will ship with the following specs according to sources

5.3 inch 1080p HD Display Super LCD 3 panel.
Snapdragon 805 clocked at 2.7
32gb with micro sd card support
(64gb option later)
The U.S. Version will have 3GB of ram according to sources and the Europe/Asia models will only come with 2GB of ram.
13mp duo camera on the back (OIS is not confirmed but rumored)

Stay tuned as we should have press renders tomorrow.

Also on the HTC News front, HTC confirms the HTC One Wear (not by name) by stating they have delayed the project because no one has got it right “yet”….

Stay tuned



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