HTC Eye going to Verizon First? Other HTC News


I’ll update this as I confirm the info.

Looks like this new HTC selfie phone may be on Verizon First. Could be a limited exclusive like we saw with the M8 launching the same day.

Also we are hearing reports that the Butterfly 2014 could be making its way to T-Mobile

Stay tuned I will update this as we confirm the info over the weekend


5 thoughts on “HTC Eye going to Verizon First? Other HTC News”

  1. This is interesting to hear cause I would have doubts Verizon would be getting 2 more HTC phones, they already have the M8 and remix. And if their getting a droid turbo, moto s, xperia z3, note 4 within another month, it’s gonna be a packed house at Verizon but I’m all for a more phone selection. Thanks for the heads up TK, hope u got more pics of that Moto S. Don’t leave us in the dark lol.

  2. Hey. I’m upgrading in december. I’m going to have a different choice to make with so many choices. Going to decide by Thanksgiving on phone choice. Like my big screens. Got the note 3 now but might go for something different.

    1. Doubt its the max, looks to be a M8 with the new cameras and another desire but I hope ur right. I’m using the current max and its been a damn good phone.

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