Moto S aka Nexus X Nexus 6 spotted?

Could these images just be a preproduction Moto X running dev software? Yes….. But other outlets seem to think this is legit.
This could be your first look at a lunch boxed version of the Moto S aka Nexus 6 aka Nexus X.
What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.





3 thoughts on “Moto S aka Nexus X Nexus 6 spotted?”

  1. The greatest thing to happen would be if after all theses monster nexus leaks, google actually presents a “common” size flagship phone which didn’t leak and still blows all of our minds away. Maybe a big Motoral phone is coming, but I really can’t imagine that the new Nexus phone is going to be a phablet.

    1. Agreed…I have been saying all along that, I still don’t buy all the rumors that point to a Motorola made Nexus Phablet unless it is part of two Nexus phones with a smaller 5.2″ screen Nexus 6. I am still holding out hope that we may get a surprise on launch day…probably all the Motorola narrative is to divert our attention from the real deal.
      But if the Phablet is the only Nexus we get and reviews are gr8 as well as good battery stamina reviews… then I may just get it. From those pics, it looks manageable in hand despite the size.

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