Even with massive sales is Apple failing?

The question is simple, is Apple failing? Why would I ask such a question with record sales of the new iPhones?

Well let’s look at some of the issues, first you have bend gate, then you have supply issues of the 6 plus, and last but not least Apple releases a software update that basically turns your phone into a iPod, breaking Touch ID and cellular radios. Thus making your $1000 investment (for some) useless. This happened with iOS 8.0.1

Let’s start with bend gate, how the hell can you release a phone without QA testing showing you this issue? Most manufactures put their devices through their own stress tests before release to test what a device can actually handle.
Who at Apple thought the weak points by the volume rocker were acceptable? In a video released by unbox therapy (link below) you can see how easily the iphone 6 plus can bend.

Next we have supply issues of the same phone the 6 plus. Could the supply issues be because Apple realized this issue after the fact? Or did Apple guess wrong as they did last year with the 5s and simply didn’t produce enough 6 Plus devices to meet demand.

Lastly we have the total failure of Apple by the release of iOS 8.0.1
The latest software release actually brought more issues than fixes. Most notably breaking Touch ID and Cellular radios, that means no service at all.
Again I have to ask the question with a company as big as Apple who gave the ok to release an OS update that really broke so many peoples phones yesterday? Whoever did give the ok, or the person who gave the lack thereof should no longer be working at Apple.

As an android user heavily the last 3 years, I purchased the Apple iPhone 6 plus because I expected a smoother more refined experience. What I have actually received has been a phone with design issues, bad software updates, and the like. (Does this remind anyone of what Apple said of android)

Just a short few months ago Apple slammed android publicly for these issues only to have them pop right up and slap Apple in the face.
I know there is no Steve Jobs to save this company yet again, yes they have had record sales, but don’t you think customers will remember this issue?

Make no mistake apple made bigger iPhones to cater to those like me who used the Samsung and HTC phablets.
When I pay almost $1000 US for a phone I expect a premium experience. While I truly like the iPhone 6 Plus these constant issues make me wonder is Apple so different from android after all.

Bend test

Note 3 bend test vs iPhone 6 plus

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One thought on “Even with massive sales is Apple failing?”

  1. If you want a premium product, do not purchase Apple products. Why would you think that the phone would be so much better just because they made a larger screen (with less than exciting resolution I guess it would be exciting if you were used to iPhones)?

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