iPhone craziness, cult or just a good time?

In this video I posted below you can see what I saw as the doors opened at the Apple Store.
I have seen excitement for the phone in the past but I’ve never seen this. Is this an isolated incident, or is this a thing. What I mean to ask is, is this a cult type of atmosphere? You don’t ever see anything like this for a Samsung launch. What is it that drives people into this type of hysteria for a phone? Id love to hear your thoughts.




2 thoughts on “iPhone craziness, cult or just a good time?”

  1. I think it has a lot to do with the “lifestyle” image that Apple has sold people through their marketing. They produce great devices (which helps) and really sell the idea that your life and you as a person will be better with their products. They have really gotten sentimental with their ads/commercials of late as well.

    Also, it all still feeds into “being apart of the club” that I think Steve Jobs sold us all so well. To me probably, I don’t find Apple as special without Steve leading, but to the general population I think that idea still holds true.

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