Moto Maker launches AT&T exclusive today

As we stated in the past, AT&T would get moto maker first, And well, that is exactly what happened. It looks like AT&T will get Moto Maker EXCLUSIVELY. We have been told recently this will only be for 3 days.

After talking with our sources again, It could be the same three days before verizon gets access to Moto Maker or according to sources it could be longer.

DEVELOPING.August 31, 2014 102851 PM CDT


One thought on “Moto Maker launches AT&T exclusive today”

  1. By the way, Moto Maker for the 2014 Moto X also became available (at least for a short while yesterday evening) in Germany and France, among others. Even though you cannot order the phone yet, you can confirm the prices: in Germany, you’ll have to pay 529€ for the 16GB version, and 579€ for the 32GB version. Expect 20€ extra if you decide to go for a leather or wooden back. For France, it’s 10€ more expensive (meaning at least 539€ for the 16GB model and 589€ for the 32GB one).

    In the end, it’s a very high price in Europe for a phone with only 16 to 32GB of non-expandable storage… When you compare it with the Nexus 5, which costs 349€ for the 16GB version and 399€ for 32GB, the difference in cost is huge compared to the difference in specs.

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