What sucks about Leaking…….Getting it wrong

So we now know what to expect from Moto X 2014 and the Moto G 2014, Earlier this week we were provided images, Damn good ones at that. (See below) Displaying the Moto X with its display on. While we got a lot of things right about the Moto X we got a major thing WRONG on the Moto X.

That whole back button thing…… Yeah that was totally wrong.
Why do I bring it up, Well while I have fun at what I do and really do enjoy it, There is a serious side to this business and to be take seriously in business as with life you have to OWN your mistakes.

Yeah we went on info from the same source that provided these images below, But will I pass it off on oh its bad info from the source…. Nope, This is solely on me.

Could I have ran just the images and not mentioned the button? Yes I could but I put more credibility in the source for the images, Am I wrong for that, YUP, 100%.

Do I get things right, Yes I do. But I also need to be upfront and OWN the ones I do not get right like this Moto X.

Still I thank the source for the Images as it was a great leak in my opinion, But I OWN the mistake of the back button.

Still keeping it 100%  And looking forward to more great leaks in the future.


August 31, 2014 102801 PM CDTAugust 31, 2014 102851 PM CDTAugust 31, 2014 103758 PM CDT


One thought on “What sucks about Leaking…….Getting it wrong”

  1. First , I would like to thankyou TK for the best ever Moto X leaks . Secondly , Its okay if some of the information or leaks was not genuine cuz human beings commit mistakes its NOT ABIG DEAL. Lastly i wanna join ur TKTechNewsIndia . Thanks alot for the leaks .. Take care

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