Is $499.99 off contract TOO MUCH for the Moto X

So we are asking you with our POLLDADDY poll is the Moto X 2014 priced at $499 off contract too much?

moto x clear


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2 thoughts on “Is $499.99 off contract TOO MUCH for the Moto X”

  1. In my opinion it’s too much, especially given the ridiculous amount of internal storage and lack of MicroSD slot for such a price. I mean, $499 is *almost* okay, but the conversion to £ and € will probably lead to insane prices.

    I have trouble figuring out why Motorola keeps trying to sell its Moto X phones at too high a price before having to slash it to get correct sales (original Moto X launch in the US, then in Europe, and now this). Everytime the introductory price ended up being an obstacle to many potential buyers…

  2. Puzzled face. Reading the specs…it’s basically the LG G2 I’m typing on. I was still going to get the Moto…BUT, WTF is up with that battery size?! I had the original Moto X…it had a great battery (2200mah). The new X pushes more pixels on a larger screen…yet it has a 2300mah battery. We’ll see how well it does on battery tests…but I wasn’t willing to go THAT FAR BACKWARDS. 3000mah in my G2…of which half gets used up on my s#it network (sorry TK; but tri-band Sprint phones are the devil). Aside from that, it has the right customization options and starting at $99 on contract…this thing could definitely be the mainstream hit that the Moto X wasn’t. We’ll see how much their marketing machine helps…

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