What is Moto Aware? And a power button on back?

So we just dropped the actual Moto X+1 with full photos and details, With some of the clearest details on the camera and the logo on back yet.

About that logo……. The Motorola Logo is actually a button, And if the source in Motorola that sent us the info is right (and with these images…. They are) Then the back button/logo would be a power button.

We are also told the sensors on the front of the device (IMAGE BELOW) will work with the Moto 360 and something called Moto Aware.

Now we heard about this back with the Moto Luge and Moto S, My only guess is that it is location aware software, Ill know more tomorrow.

Yes you knew we were getting hands on time….. Stay tuned as this story develops.


Live from Berlin.


August 31, 2014 102801 PM CDT


5 thoughts on “What is Moto Aware? And a power button on back?”

  1. Tk i got what the Moto Aware will be…..the Motorola Logo will act as a glowing LED notification light when there are any notifications!..

  2. Tk as u know the Lenovo S850 has the glow logo notification alert. AND Motorola is or is to be acquired by Lenovo remember. So Lenovo must be trying to leave so trademark on the Motorola phones.

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