Motorola fires shots at Samsung exclusive deal Sept 6 (UPDATE)

According to our sources
AT&T is getting the first crack at moto maker yet again this year.
Motorola plans to open pre orders via Moto Maker and AT&T on September 6th as a direct shot at Samsung and their Note 4 event.

Pricing is $199 on a 2yr contract normally $249 (updated) and this is with Moto Maker. “It seems that this is for a 32gb model and higher pricing for a 64gb model. A 16gb model is not confirmed but could come later at a budget price.” Bringing Wood, colors, denim, and leather out of the gate.

Our source wasn’t 100% sure on denim as Moto hasn’t yet made a decision.

What do you think about AT&T getting moto maker first again, and what do you think about this shot at Samsung? Will it make a difference?

You can pick up a stock moto X+1 at ATT with no moto maker changes on September 28th as well.





18 thoughts on “Motorola fires shots at Samsung exclusive deal Sept 6 (UPDATE)”

    1. Yeah swing and a miss moto. The X was DOA until the blogosphere revived it a little bc it was so expensive.

      Snapdragon 800 is still new enough that maybe people will bite at $200?

  1. Man, Verizon brought life back to Motorola with the Droid series. Now Moto screws them again with another exclusive launch period. I hope Moto shows some love to Verizon soon with some good offerings outside of the x+1.

  2. Hey Tk, I’m wondering if you could give me your best educated guess on whether or not you think US Cellular will get the X+1 (and the 360) or not? Last year, about a month before the X came out, we knew that the 4 major carriers would have it as well as US Cellular.
    Thanks for you hard work!

  3. Hey TK! Any word on international availability,more specifically for India? Please let us know if you have any info 🙂

    1. At&t must be paying a premium for moto to not care about sales. Haha.

      I’m debating switching to at&t (I wish tmo would get their coverage up to speed).
      But I still hate exclusive anything.

      Current T-Mobile coverage (Pittsburgh ….skip huge tracks of land….Indiana pa) wtf! Haha

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