Moto Aware? A new service on Moto Devices?

Thanks to  on twitter, He caught my slip, I forgot to mention a new service or feature called Moto Aware, I have no idea what it is or what it does, And my motorola sources are scared to death I even knew what it was called (Thanks BestBuy).

Anyway this may be a new listening service similar to google now? I dont know yet, But I am pressing sources for more information. I thought it was of note being its mentioned on both the Nexus X and the Moto Luge?

What do you think?

August 24, 2014 95344 PM CDT


6 thoughts on “Moto Aware? A new service on Moto Devices?”

  1. I have a guess. I believe it allows you to use voice control to change the setting on the phone (i.e. bluetooth, wifi) and maybe even the attributes of hardware like the camera voice actions (take a pick). It is just a guess, but I like it.

  2. Maybe I’ve missed it, but it it not possible that Moto Aware is a health-based feature that can monitor multiple points of data to provide information from a wearable? For example a heartrate monitor and ambeient air sensor to track the benefits of exercise or to warn against it if the air is bad… Seems to me the MotoActiv was an extremely well-executed device and Motorola/Lenovo is/are well-positioned to launch one of the first decent wearables that don’t look silly. Just a thought that it could be more about being aware for the user, not just aware of when the user wants to interact with the device.

    1. It easily could be. I would think that seems like it would be associated with the software for the watch. I don’t think a common data model has been developed that would allow for all smart watches to use, so it would likely only work with Motorola products like the 360.

      I hope I am right, but that is probably me wishing for what I want rather than your reasonable conclusion.

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