(Exclusive) Moto Luge images specs and price for Verizon

Thanks again to all our great sources.
Today we get images, specs and more details on the Moto Luge 4G LTE
This is the device we found while digging for more info on the nexus x.

Anyway enough of me blabbing. Here is the specs and images.

720p front facing camera
1080p 8mp rear camera with flash and touch to focus
8gb internal, up to 32gb SD card
Dual core Qualcomm msm8960 1.5ghz
4g LTE
Bluetooth 4.0
Gorilla Glass 4.3″ screen
1 GB ram
Android 4.4 kit Kat
Moto Skip
Moto Aware
Non removable 2000 man battery
Internet special for $149.99 on Aug 28th.

If the device look familiar it is. The device takes after the Droid Ultra and Moto Razr M as you can see in the pics.



Let us know what you think….
One moto device down and confirmed more to come….. Stay tuned for more nexus X coverage as well


24 thoughts on “(Exclusive) Moto Luge images specs and price for Verizon”

      1. Hey TK, It did launch as you predicted. But as Matty said, it is just a rebranded Razr M. It’s exactly the same, nothing is different besides the name. Good digging though, you found out about it first.

      2. Thanks. Trying to get caught up after earlier.
        I wouldn’t have found out about it had it not been for those believe it or not trolls that pushed on the Nexus X . This was totally confirmed on accident. Sometimes it goes that way.

        Anyway saw what was said last night from Anissa and Vic. My apologies



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