Samsung Source confirms Gear 3 with special features

Samsung Gear 3 will be coming at IFA in Berlin next to the Note 4.
So what’s the big deal……
The ability to use the device on its own with its own cellular connection.
What’s not clear is if all will come with this option or if there will be a HSPA option called the solo.

1.8 amoled display
Curved glass (possibly sapphire)
A battery improvement (Samsung is going to announce best wearable battery life) (this is the reason for the bigger size)

Swappable bands.
And a metal option (premium option coming later)

The Gear 3 is also supposedly to launch with the Note 4 together as a premium pack.
And what’s NOT clear is material that states the S Pen could interact with the Gear 3?
(We are pressing for clarification)

Stay tuned. I’m currently traveling to Asia (can’t say where) for a big hands on leak.
I’ll update this as soon as I land to change planes with any new info.




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