LG G Plus? Or Ultra? 7 inch LG Phone in works

Thanks to an awesome tipster at LG We got a bunch of new information on a TabPhone in final testing for LG.
Names being thrown around for this device is the LG G Plus and LG G Ultra

Here are some specs.
7 inch 2K display
Snapdragon 805
3GB Ram
SD Card Support
16gb on board storage
IR Blaster
LTE A (Korea)
This will be a US Carrier exclusive not sure as to which carrier yet will update as soon as we know.

The interesting thing about the device is there is no earpiece. It uses a new technology that vibrates the display at the top that produced the sound. This tech is found on the new sharp Aquos from Sprint.

Another cool feature is using Q Pair to take phone calls on a smaller device from the tablet or vise versa.

Interesting news out of LG.
Will be interesting to see the final product stay tuned. This device is slated for a early 2015 launch says source. But does not rule out the possibility of this year.

(Paid Source)

Stay tuned




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