TK Tech News launches unlock site AT COST on site


If you didnt know by now, I am all about consumers and keeping people from getting screwed, I have been emailed and tweeted about this so much in the last 2 months I thought, Ok we will do it.

So now in our New York office I have dedicated staff to handle just this. Unlocking phones.

So what makes our unlocking different then anyone else? We are offering the codes to you at our cost.

Whats our advantage? Well we know you will tell people about us, They will see the NEWS site and our YOUTUBE channel Its basically free advertising for us and allows us to provide a great service for you.

Codes can be as fast as instant, Depending on the model

And yes we do iphones.

Feel free to contact our support staff on the unlocking tab above and see how much your device is and then compare the pricing.





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