Nokia 1525 about to launch on T-Mobile

As previously reported by @evleaks the Nokia Lumia 1525 is about to launch on TMobile and has been confirmed by a TMobile support rep.
See the images of screenshots attached.



Check out @tktechnews’s Tweet:

Nokia Lumia 1525 confirmed for TMobile:


6 thoughts on “Nokia 1525 about to launch on T-Mobile”

      1. Yeah, that is the weird part. Normally I’d agree, but I have yet to hear or see anything confirming a ‘1525’, as in a real photo or internal T-Mo documents. I just can’t see how if it is so close, nothing has leaked about it.

      2. I definitely see that point. Ive been thinking the same about this verizom 830. My sources hadnt heard of it but then two reliable one provide the info and handset. I guess we will see.
        Personally id rather see the 930

  1. When ATT reintroduced the 1520, it makes sense that MS would get the new version back in the market. I have seen a lot of leaks turn out and just as many not. MS is trying to accommodate the market and hopefully this will come to fruition. Total respect to @Evleaks, Daniel, and TK for at least keeping the consumers in the loop, regardless of if they are true or not. Like the cops say “for every 1 good source, you have 20 bad ones”. Keep up the great work. It is appreciated.

    On a somewhat different topic, what is with TMO and its lack of WP? I thought Legere wanted to be the best. Very frustrating.

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