HTC One Max M8 aka M8 Prime leaks

So it looks as if the successor to the HTC ONE MAX is on the way.

Last year HTC Released what looked like the HTC One Mini all blown up with a fingerprint scanner and called it the max.

This years model looks exactly like the HTC One M8 and drops that ineffective fingerprint scanner as well. This device looks like the HTC One M8 in every way. But there are some differences and this is why people are calling it the HTC One M8 Prime…… SPECS.

So according to sources the device will have the Snapdragon 805 not the 801 of the HTC One M8. The device will retain the MAX namesake.

No info on when the device will be launched. The test device in the photos looks pretty close to final product in my opinion. This could also just be a test device to see if there would be a demand for such a beast.

In my particular case I would take it in a heart beat, A better spec M8 with a 5.9 Inch display? Count me in.

Let me know what you think in the comments.



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