Images of a Moto x+1 reportedly shown

No dual camera. Different materials than previous leaks. This one in wood. A more refined front speaker look.

What do think of this latest leak by Android Police?









23 thoughts on “Images of a Moto x+1 reportedly shown”

  1. I had a feeling one of those holes was for the (newly) iconic Moto dimple. Also, those two dots on each side of the camera, are they flashes? Because they look tiny.

  2. You have held another Moto. I know you say it is different, but could you give us more details on the differences? I just cannot believe that this is the final product. Looks ugly. Did the one you held have dual cameras? Did it have that type of logo? Did the power button have ridges? Did the camera have built in LED flashes? Did it have a metal ring around the edge? Did it have a removable back? Is the logo a placeholder for a possible second camera, fingerprint sensor, dimple, active notification screen? I know you probably can’t say for certainty, but you are the only one that has the ability to give an informed opinion on these matters.

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