Could this be the end of OnePlus

Reports are coming in of Hundreds of people filling PayPal disputes against oneplus for the yellow band issue.
And in one case we received a conversation with a customer and PayPal in which PayPal assures the customer they will get a refund because quote “We have placed a hold against these funds”

If PayPal has frozen the funds from OnePlus it could be the end of that company. Its one thing to lose money in a recall etc for bad devices and a whole other issues to have your merchant freeze funds.

We will keep updating this story as more info comes in, But right now its really not looking good for OnePlus.

Have you filed a PayPal dispute? Let us know in the comments below and whether you got your money back.




48 thoughts on “Could this be the end of OnePlus”

  1. When they hold funds its for the amount the seller disputed, and only for that case unless otherwise specified. This means nothing.

  2. Do you have any source except for that screenshot of 1 (ONE!) guy disputing to PayPal? You are talking about 100’s of people??

      1. So now 30 people means hundreds and a class action lawsuit? This site is becoming such a joke. It was cool at first but I’m getting sick of these blown out of proportion articles and BS conspiracy theories just here for hits and to make a decent company look bad.
        And I bet this comment wouldn’t go through if I didn’t call you guys hypocrites for not allowing negative comments. Rofl.

      2. Actually genius if youve been watching twitter just today alone 42 people have reported the volume missing issue. So looks like your a sad fanboy who is ill informed.
        And have you been checked lately for mental health issues? Im just saying you must have a direct line to their imaginary support that no one else has access to.

        As for conspiracy theories if youre into that go watch alex jones. We only report facts. And heres the facts genius. OnePlus is in alot of trouble with PayPal for one and could be facing a class action lawsuit. But you would know that being your where you i.p. address is from. I find it hilarious that OnePlus is so worried about this they send employees to comment. Thats hysterical.

        As for censoring comments lol thats what OnePlus does not us.
        I like when people like you make baseless comments. Ill let our readers tear you apart.

  3. OnePlus just banned me for posting negative things about Yellow Pissed screen. Wow. Just wow. They are worse than I thought. Scums.

      1. I got banned because I was joking about the yellow screen BS. Wanna know the official reason? RACISM.
        Of course I got no email or official explanation, but I’m sure this was David S’s doing. Like another user said, he probably has a God complex. He just doesn’t realize that in a company, managing a forum is pretty much like taking out the trash.
        If you give me your email address I can link you the thread + screenshot of the login screen saying “Racism”.

    1. Screen shot banned reason when you try to log in. They banned me for conspiracy theory. If there is any conspiracy theory is from oneplus.

  4. I cancelled my order, after I heard about this nonsense, and got my refund. Not to mention that shipping, taxes and other fees brought the price of the phone to almost $500, for me in Canada.

    I’m so happy I cancelled.

  5. I think this is a bit of a reach. There have been a few documented cases – that’s all. My device is 100% perfect, and I for one and thrilled with it.

  6. Anyone care to link to the forum post mentioned in this article? I can’t find it on the oneplus site.

  7. I paid for express shipping back when their website had the error and they sent my package standard and took over 9 days from CA to FL. All I wanted was refund for that which they declined. Filed paypal dispute, and they want me to send my phone to Hong Kong, and pay premium shipping too.

  8. TK, I’ve realy enjoyed your Moto X+1 stories and videos but even if this article is true, it’s very light on evidence and quotes.

  9. I’m just wondering now why no one else is really talking about this? Like it’s such a popular phone you’d think it would get more press..

  10. I had a small area of yellow at the bottom, its faded quickly and may soon be gone completely. I’m pretty sure it is just the last of the glue drying, not a biggie.

  11. I have the yellow band too. Funny hearing about other people NOT having the same problem. Logic would dictate then that if some people don’t have the intrusive yellow band on their phone, then it isn’t part of the design as OnePlus states it is. Makes sense if some phones don’t have it then the phones that do are slightly defective and should be replaced of fully refunded without any fees like shipping.

  12. Why is everyone making such a big deal about this? It’s not a big deal. Leave it out in the sun for a couple hours. You paid HALF of what you would have for a device with similar specs AND got more storage! They’re a new company! Whether they’re “backed” by OPO or not, which in my opinion doesn’t matter in any way AT ALL, they’re a new company and they will make mistakes. Their newest batch of devices does not have this issue. Their Tech Support was THE BEST I’ve ever experienced from any company. These whiney douchebags are going to put the company who SUPPORTS THEIR CURRENT PHONE in the drain because they’re too lazy to put their phone under a UV lamp for 20 minutes!? Way to ruin it for everybody. Sick of first world problems. Such a whiney, bratty society we live in. Get over it, people. Mine had the yellow band too before I took an hour to fix it. Freaking idiots.

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      Sticking a phone under a light will not fox a missing volume button, nor will it fix a missing headphone jack. Just saying that seems to be the new issues. But thanks for the comment

    2. Regardless as to the cost of the device people have spent their money for a fully functioning product. Why should the consumer be left with the burden of rectifying any issues the device may have? Doesn’t make ANY damn sense to me. Hell for a similar price point and specs they could just as easily purchase a fully functional Nexus 5 or Moto X for that matter. Ijs

  13. So because the device is less expensive than an LG G3 or Galaxy S5 I should cook it outside for a few hours or have to go to a nail salon and get permission the put my phone under a UV light? You serious? Please re-read your post because it really makes no sense. I think if they would simply replace the phones with the yellow bands they wouldn’t be getting negative attention. Or maybe before they ship the phones out they could cook them outside in the sun or go to a nail salon.

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