UPDATE OnePlus follow up, more users banned & a bribe?

Update #2 Our attorneys have got back to us and have stated they are unable to verify the email. So for the sake of being fair we will say its fake (for now). That said they still haven’t addressed the issue. And no valid reason was given for banning that member. We will continue to investigate the email. If its tracked back to them we will confirm. If its someone else we will expose them as well.

Update: So David S. Admin/chief censor in charge over at one plus forums has responded to the email issue but not the display…. Coincidence? I think not. Here is where david is wrong and gets a “Virtual TeaBag” David claims this is about adsense money…. Hmm do you see any ads on this site or in my critical OnePlus videos…. (Crickets) (and another virtual teabag) He says I’m doing it for the money and want to talk bad about the phone…… (Crickets) did anyone hear me praise how good the device was. Oh and David S. It is not about the money. Its well known from people in this tech community I’m a retired NHL player and Exec, Following my instagram etc would show I don’t need the money. But hey that was a nice deflection. See you scrambled so fast to deny this email I was sent that I think its even more legit now. The display issue you knew would fix itself but that little email wouldn’t.
Look David S. Why don’t you answer the question and stop pussy footing around it. Fix customers issues and answer their RMA requests.
And if you think I’m just trying to boost the blog LOL nice try I could do that anytime I’m on the radio at Fox Sports but I don’t. I do this because its a passion and in this case I’ve called you out and you’ve been caught red handed as lying to your customers and forum members. You can deny till your blue in the face but hey genius people see through bullshit.
In america there is this comedian name Bill Engval and well. David S and oneplus “here’s your sign”

I have to start this story by stating that our legal team is verifying the email in question. The email and I.p. match that of coming from support, but that disclaimer said here you go.

Yesterday we featured OnePlus in an episode of that’s bullshit on YouTube.
We did so because of the blatant censorship being carried out on their forums.
(Funny point the TBS is still up in their forum) Someone posted our video on their forum and at the time of this posting it hasn’t been removed. That maybe because they want to look like they are not actually censoring people. But this morning before my radio spot and my scouting I get an email from Pedro again saying he’s now been banned?? Are you serious? This is the same person that has pushed hard to get this in the news, and so you see the story on phandroid, phone arena, tech radar and others.

I’ll Say this again the actual phone is awesome I totally love it. It hands down is one of the best I’ve used. That said the company and its support behind it is actually the worst I’ve seen.
To ban a user for bogus claims is not cool, especially when that user is only asking you to follow “your” terms and conditions!
I forwarded a copy of these terms to our attorney last night and shocker….. According to counsel they are violating their own terms and conditions. Asking someone to pay 58 to 88 dollars to send back a phone “your” company made incorrectly is wrong.
There is no benefit of paying $350 for the phone if you end up paying an extra 58 to 88 to fix an issue with it.

On to the email…. We cover that in the video attached.

I really like the phone. Its a hit. But the continued stepping in dogshit by this company will sink them faster than they can blink an eye.
I really want to see OnePlus succeed. That said I also don’t want to see blatant censorship and consumers being screwed.

Let me know what you think and feel free to post your OnePlus story good or bad here. We won’t censor you.







24 thoughts on “UPDATE OnePlus follow up, more users banned & a bribe?”

  1. This is what Oneplus has to say:
    “Mr. TK”, as he calls himself, is just seeking attention and driving traffic to his site/youtube videos to earn money (adsense) and he does so by spreading hate to OnePlus, because “it sells”. We’ve grown popular enough to bring significant amounts of people to other sites and people love controversy and conspiracy theories – I know a thing or two about this from when I worked at a major tech blog in Spain.
    Anyways, as I said before, we would never do that, plus AFAIK we never used pr[at]oneplus.net for any of our communications. If it isn’t obvious enough, @Bridget knows how to write proper English.”

    1. Hmmm the only problem with their statement is that the video is not monetized that we did with that’s bullshit the video.
      Also as we have stated in every video we think the phone is great. Easily one of the best. But that said the way the company is handling the issue is not.

      1. I know. I watched your videos and they were very fair. You praised the device and called out the Customer service, as well you should. Seems to me like more Oneplus propaganda. Serving out the oneplus koolaid. In fact, they are brilliant. They create hype and raise it to a crescendo, to the point that members are falling over one another to get one. Then they introduce the invite system which adds an air of exclusivity. By this point the members are so blind with desire that should anyone raise his voice against a perceived injustice, the other members crash down around him in a pitiful attempt to find favour with their God OEM.

  2. i am indifferent on this whole thing. and i am pretty sure that things are being blown out of proportion here. a guy with issues that bad… is probably leaving posts that need to be filtered. it happens all of the time. it is standard practice among most every forums. even reddit censors, and by the way…So Do You.
    your fixit video — you are asking people to leave their phone on a hot dashboard. that is nuts. you do understand that the battery starts degrading once the thing reaches around a hundred degrees. i also doubt that the silicone in all of the hardware within the phone would hold up to ninety minutes under a dashboard either. you should have left out the dashboard part. the uv light idea was awesome.there is a really good and educating thread on xda for battery degradation. you should read it.
    now… on to the rma and charging for shipping deal. what they should be telling people is by the time it gets there… the yellow band will most likely be gone. and it would for sure be gone before it gets returned… so why bother returning it at all? should they charge for shipping? probably not. would the charge for shipping it cause some people to keep their devices? i would assume so. so what is the harm? you talk about having your attorneys take action… but what would be the point? one plus carries the phones into court three years from now and guess what… the yellow band will not be there. “look judge, this is what they all looked like when they showed up at the office.”
    so seriously… give this thing a rest. analyze both sides of it. the one and only thing they did wrong was not come right out and explain to people what is wrong, and how they can fix it. maybe give them a free case or something to make up for the trouble.

    1. You have some valid points. But as for censorship we do no such thing. Provide a reference……
      Also we didn’t say leave it IN a hot car on a dashboard but in a running car as mine was with AC on.
      It heats up the display enough and it works. Though that said a UV light is better.

      As for the guy he wants a simple answer of which they wont give them.

      And as for leaving it alone. If it was your phone and your money would you?

      Lastly what my attorneys do on their own whether class action etc is not up to me they are a separate entity I just hire them for my stuff.

      Lastly they should follow their terms. They wrote them not the customers.
      Thanks for the comment.

      1. i posted a comment on the blog you posted a while back. you said moto was going to release everything. i have to think it is still awaiting moderation. i load the page. it says there are four comments. but my comment is no where to be seen. i called you out on it… so i totally get why it never appeared. it happens. you also banned a guy for posting a fake moto x pic on another site. i think that is wrong. and could easily fall into the comments you have made towards oneplus today/yesterday. it is a pot calling the kettle black thing.
        the a/c part does not matter at all. you are asking for people to stick it in direct sunlight, under something that acts like a magnifying glass. it does not matter that you said it. you put it on your dashboard with no vents or anything around. who is to say that someone doesn’t do the exact same thing and then sue you for ruining their phone? or go on a tyrate towards you like you have done oneplus. i kinda doubt you would be appreciative of the situation.
        they should give one. i completely agree. and like i said… they should also make it up to the people with complaints.
        if it were me, i would do nothing. i know it would fix itself thanks to their forums and google. (in all seriousness, i had an iphone 4. i knew of the glue issues back then). just pointing out what i would do for any situation. i also know that i will have the device for a very long time after it did. so what is a week or two of something i would rarely notice? it is just not that big of a deal. and now that you mentioned the nail salon thing… i know what to do if my oneplus comes with the banding.
        the attorney thing… i did not know that they are/might be doing it on their own.
        i also completely agree that they should follow their terms. but this situation… i just don’t know. it is a can of worms. they do not have a store in every major city for people to return them as apple does. they also don’t have millions of progressive hipsters at their throat with every major news channel talking about the issues. the whole thing was dwarfed by ‘antennagate’ anyways. i just really don’t think that they have gone out of their way to screw their customers like you do. i get that most people are not me. this is just how i see it.
        great conversation. thanks for the response.

      2. Well haven’t found the comment you speak of.

        If someone wants to sue me. They can have at it. My attorneys info is legal@tktechnews.com wouldn’t be the first.

        As for banning people I’ve only banned two. One was posting links to possible child porn, and yes they also posted a phone pic that when clicked took you to said porn. I banned them and also reported them with the info to LAPD who forwarded it to the correct people in Bozeman MT where the idiot was.

        The second person I banned was calling African americans on this site the N word. Also not tolerated.
        Besides that. There hasn’t been anyone else. Even if like you they don’t agree with me.

        Lastly terms and conditions are there for a reason. Best believe if the issue was in OnePlus favor they would site those terms every time.
        So yes they should and must follow their terms or face possible legal actions from customers.
        Look its simple. And the FTC agrees.
        Terms and conditions don’t just go one way. If its bad for OnePlus that’s tough shit they made the terms and have to honor them plain and simple. If they don’t and enough complain to the FTC they could be introuble

  3. Only problem with One plus is they are slow to make any changes and they have Mods that aren’t fully clear on any one subject up until now
    Most of the people have either paid for something else or have moved on the fact that people rage and quit over this phone is highly ridiculous
    All of us as Adults shouldn’t let a phone that will last 3 to 4 years at best to ruin you Palate
    So many other phones coming out that will out class this phone in many area’s and will be cheaper what people should all realize Oneplus drew first blood but that doesn’t mean they will win the war
    I can name 3 phones coming that will outclass the one on specs alone
    Xiaomi MI4
    Huawei Honor 6
    ZTE Nubia 7 series
    These phone will be out in less then 4 months time Oneplus doesn’t stand a chance if these come out before the turn of the year so stop spreading the hate people forget they have choices

  4. tktechnewsblog I wanted to ask you and would REALLY LOVE a reply on the help I need. I am getting desperate and want to buy the Oneplus already but dont have an invite. I saw that the Oppo Mart has a 500$ version of the 64GB and it says “(with CyonogenMod)”. my question is do you know if its the exact same pphone you paid 650$ for from EBay or can it be a cheap rip off, not the original phone :S im thinking of getting it if its the real One after your invite giveaway ends on the 20th. Thank you very much

    1. Yeah I’d say pass on that. If your going to pay 500 I’d say get on swappa and get a find 7 with the 2k display.
      Or on amazon a real OnePlus can be bought for 450 we bought ours on eBay from a reputable seller who also offered a refund because of the display issues but we kept it.

      1. I just feel my phone giving up on me and just need a new phone, my brother promised me to get me a phone for my birthday in 2 weeks, I was thinking of Nexus 5 but as you said, OnePlus is just better even tho to their super weak costumer support, i just feel that even if I get another phone i wont be as happy as if I get the One :S thx for the help and response really appreciated 🙂 keep up the good work (sorry for the double post, was an accident)

  5. I just feel my phone giving up on me and just need a new phone, my brother promised me to get me a phone for my birthday in 2 weeks, I was thinking of Nexus 5 but as you said, OnePlus is just better even tho to their super weak costumer support, i just feel that even if I get another phone i wont be as happy as if I get the One :S thx for the help and response really appreciated 🙂 keep up the good work

  6. I don’t want to be disrespectful for not revealing my real identity, while posting here. It’s just I still don’t have the phone of Oneplus. I just want to keep myself safe to receive a phone, after months of waiting time and still no phone in reach.
    Since the middle of June I felt that the company Oneplus will leave a bad taste for me in the future. The strategy and the attitude they reveal towards people is just problematic and for the future insufficient.
    They don’t care about their users and are all talk. Some forum users have pinpoint it already out in the forum about the weaknesses, yet they don’t like to admit nor realize it for themselves. The have a lot of forum users work for them in advertising for a product, the most of them don’t call their own. At some parts of the forum inappropriate contents by common sense were posted. There are no intention of deleting the contents. Even worst official agents appears to tolerate the act or support it.
    They go along with never settle on negative and bad reviews, just move on with what ideas they have in mind. They have tools to erase negative reviews.

  7. I love your post on OnePlus. I was a big fan of them till I see how in denial they are in term of RMA and Customer Service.
    Some guy on forum was asked to pay for shipping on a defective unit (bad headphone jack and dead pixels) until he posted on forum and OP now replied: “It was miscommunication, they will pay for shipping”. Just see how far they would push to save couple bucks.
    Today, I came across a post from an Admin on OP that claimed customers-people who complained about yellow band- PHOTOSHOPPED and take picture at EXTREME setting/angles.
    Linked to post https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/winners-which-one-is-the-one.42475/
    I don’t know the point of this post I guess I just want to keep you up to date in case you want to follow up on your previous cover of OP.

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