Could this be the Note 4 (Pics leaked)

A source from asia that also provided us with former Samsung info “active” has sent us these images (and device on the way) of what they are telling me is a prototype Note 4. Source states this will be the thinnest device in history. (new form factory Samsung was claiming)
Here are the images below let us know what you think, I will keep the post updated as I get more info. Video on YouTube as soon as it arrives at the office.
Stay tuned as we have other unannounced device news coming soon and more moto news on the tablet front.



8 thoughts on “Could this be the Note 4 (Pics leaked)”

  1. I’m leaning towards no. If nothing else, it is lacking the heart rate monitor and that camera sensor is way too small to deviled the picture quality we expect from Samsung.

  2. Ugh, I hope not. I wish they would move the Headphone jack to the bottom, I don’t like them at the top of the device. But like Spencer said, where is the heart rate monitor? Perhaps its built into the Fingerprint scanner now? That might be cool.

  3. Wow TK I have much respect for you and what your doing. You’ve got some guts going against the major OEM company’s. And I think I speak for anyone who follows you on twitter YouTube or anything else and say thank you for all your doing and keeping up

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