LG G3 in Gold a Sprint Exclusive

Sprint is giving away 20 LG G3 as part of their launch of the device.  No exact release date is know, But sprint may be first as soon as June 2nd with the exclusive gold color shown below.

How do you feel about exclusivity agreements, And would you change your carrier just for a color?


2 thoughts on “LG G3 in Gold a Sprint Exclusive”

  1. HELP…I am so confused and want to just mail my phone to you. I dont even know how to flash properly. I have the Sprint HTC one max and Sprint was over billing me and I can not afford their service so I went to wal mart T-mobile plan. I am on a fixed income and can afford T-Mobile. Can you please root my cell? Jana

    1. Rooting your phone is not going to allow the device to work on t-mobile. Unlocking the phone still won’t allow it to work properly on tmobile. It will constantly lose signal. My recommendation is to sell that device and get a t-mobile compatible device.

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